You’re Gonna Wish This Was Fake News
Dave Pell

Where is the line between fake news and wrong news— and the line between news and information? Is this post news or information? If a writer like yourself is unaware that they are wrong, is it fake information or just wrong information? How about with news, fake news or wrong news?

This is a fascinating post, because it demonstrates how we insulate ourselves from information and how much even the most conscientious and objective can miss the true picture, if they aren’t accessing information out of their bubble of like-minded sources.

To mention fake news as it pertains to Trump, without as much as a nod to the massive amount of propaganda and fake news on behalf of Hillary’s campaign and in opposition to Trump, is absurd; however, i don’t think you are trying to mislead or be dishonest: I find this article sincere.

Perhaps fake new is a conservative answer to the democratic misleading news — otherwise known as propaganda?