I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

“Amy” — your courage is inspiring. I am simultaneously heartbroken and furious reading your post. As you may know, I am an early investor in Uber and wrote an open letter last week. If you would be willing to meet with me and Ellen Pao, now my partner at Kapor Capital I’m thrilled to say, I’d like to talk about many things…we’re in the midst of doing a Tech Leavers Survey with >2000 people in tech and putting together findings and recommendations. I can guarantee your continued anonymity. If you haven’t found another tech job and want a place that’s 180 degrees different than what you’ve experienced, maybe even with a woman CEO, happy to steer you to places that are walking the talk and most importantly, where it’s not just safe to speak up, but valued. Feel free to DM me on Twitter and just let me know you’re ‘Amy’. btw, we have a shelter dog, Dudley, who’s 3/4 golden retreiver (1/4 poodle); he’s always at work with me and he’d love to meet you too!