Here’s How to Start Closing Silicon Valley’s Age Gap
Steven Levy

I would also add to this list that technology and innovation can help mitigate age bias as well. As I mentioned in my earlier response, Companies like help filter identifying information on job applications so that technical interviewers can conduct at least their preliminary screenings more objectively.

There’s a huge opportunity for innovation in the diversity and inclusion space — which will have major implications for age bias, among other things.

On November 10, Kapor Capital will be teaming up with Village Capital and Google for Entrepreneurs to host a pitch competition in Oakland to spur innovation in the field of people tech — technology focused on creating inclusive hiring practices and workforces.

We believe so strongly in this that Kapor Capital has pledged to invest at least $100,000 in the most promising new technology coming out of the competition. It’s time to put the spirit of Silicon Valley to work solving some of its own problems.

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