My Job Is Better Than Yours

Forever gone are the days when people used to think that ventures specializing in dry-cleaning, agriculture, welding, catering, events planning and the likes are not “professional.” But professionalism is actually not in the job; it is in the mind of the man on the job, and the way he chooses to communicate it. And this is where branding comes in. It manifests in the way you choose to identify yourself, the way you want to be identified, classified and addressed, how you present your value, how you deliver that value, how you treat your staff and customers, how you handle feedbacks, and many other crucial aspects of running a successful business. You will agree with me that the most respected and successful fashion designers today are simply “tailors” who simply chose to approach the job with a very professional attitude, thereby stressing the fact that the career does not define the man, but that rather, it is the man who defines the career. Have you met Deola Sagoe, who has succeeded in putting Africa, and indeed Nigeria, on the map, in the world of fashion? Does she strike you as a “tailor?” I think not. What about Tara Durotoye, whose House Of Tara (HOT) brand of make-up artistry turns over more than $10 million annually? It’s time to rethink professionalism, really!