HiBRID: Prince Wa’zuka

Chapter 1: ME’KO TAMBALA
The date was October 1st 1996 & i had just turned 7 years old. I remember celebrating my birthday with family & the friends i had made from free public school. My father had just come from a trip abroad bought me some gifts, a toy car & plastic gun. I was even more excited when my sister Jinilireni (Jinie for short) surprised me with some new shoes. Red all star chucktaylors a perfect fit for my adventures. The small party continued & we ate meat, sweets and kamba puffs with no worries as to what was happening in the world. I never paid to much attention to the news but i was aware that things will hostile in the nation.

As my birthday passed i would go to school & play football with my buddies on the hard brown field after we all knocked off. Passing around a football that we had made from plastic bags & other plastic materials that we could find laying around in the area. Like experts we would burn plastic materials slighty as we turned it in a circular motion, watching it melt & carefully stick together supplying us with much entertainment. We would play until the setting sun would signal that it was time to go to our individual homes, where we would be welcomed to tea & biscuits & the disappointed voices of our loving mothers as they shook their heads in dissapproval of our dirty clothes, promptly signaling the maid to bathe us.

In the evenings the whole family would sit and watch the news. Most of the times all i could hear was gunshots and the news broadcaster explaining something about civil unrest in the rural areas & something about colorless cockroaches. I had no clue what was going on and just wished they'd change the channel to some cartoons like Dexters Laboratory or Pinky & The Brain.

The days passed and we recieced good news on mid-november. My dad who was a civil servant sat us done and told us that he got a promotion after years of hard work. Me and my sister cheered estactically but calmed down as mother brought some Zusu tea. The promotion required us to move to Britain, where dads new office was and that we had 2 weeks to prepare for our journey. Even though i was excited i was dissappointed that we wouldn't be able to go on our family trip to the lake this december because most of the time we would go with the Onala family.

Mr. & Mrs. Onala had 3 kids, 2 boys & 1 beautiful daughter called Iris. We have known their family eversince we moved to Ongwe. My dad worked in closely with Mr. Onala as they helped eachother on various business transactions. They were a good family, very spiritual people as they went to The Tabernacle For All Nations every sundays and wednesdays. The Church was founded by The Prophet B.T. Yeshua a prophetic healing man that had the power of premenision. Out of all the children in the Onala family, Iris seemed to be the most spiritual. She was always busy helping out in church activities, taking care of her little brothers as she was the oldest. She was basically an outgoing & vibrant being as though she had no worries in the world, made me feel as though i was immature.

Whenever we would go over to their house or had family bbq's she would always seemed to ask me the randomest of questions, followed by some sort of teasing. On one particular occasion when we came over she asked me a couple of weird questions that confused the living delights out of me. I remember the day, i had just got glass of Sobo from Mrs. Onala and wanted to look at the birds outside while i enjoyed my cool orange coloured drink. I walked into their small garden, where Iris was sitted by a wooden table dismantling a little red roses petals. I decided to sit opposite her as i looked at the petals spread all over the table.

"Hi, Iris." I said casually as i positioned myself into a comfortable position. She slowly raised her head & looked at me curiously, tilting her head slightly & squinting her eyes at me. The only response i got to my greeting was


Leaving me to question her answer in my head but that was nothing compared to the questions that followed.

"Do you think God has a particular color that he likes?"

She asked me. Not too sure of how i was supposed to answer i stayed quiet for a bit observing the calm atmosphere around us as a gentle breeze cold things down, i just said,

"I dont know, maybe he has one or maybe he likes all the colors but am sure he has a favourite type of candy bar. I mean everyone must have a favourite candy eti." I smiled clownishly as i said this waiting for her to giggle or to at least smile back at me.

Instead she just glared at me for a while, innocently looking at my face, her blues eyes longing for a more comprehensive answer then the one i had just given. I dont know what type of answer she expected at my age, its not as though i was an ordained minister educated in theology or whatever type religious doctrine.

We both remained silent for a while. I chose to focus my attention on enjoying my orange drink, slowly bringing the glass to my lips. She suddenly asked me another question.

"Have you..." she paused long enough for me to dive into my thoughts and think to myself.

"Why does she always have so many questions, as if she just picks them from an invisible mysterious box filled with odd & random thoughts, dedicated to confuse the kid who just wants to enjoy his drink without having to dab into the philosphies of humankind and God."

So after that slight pause she proceeded to ask.

"Have you ever wondered where babies come from, I mean do you really think our parents bought us from the hospitals?"

This time i decided not to say much and just said,

"I dont know." Shrugging my shoulders at the same time.

I seemed to once again have failed to answer another question to her satisfaction. She just brushed the petals off the table & looked away from me before she sighed & mumbled,

"silly boy."

She got up, looked down at me for a moment, giving me time to admire her blonde hair before walking into the house.

To be continued…

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