‘007 Spectre’ Royal World Premiere

MONEYPENNY: “What’s goin’ on, James? They say you’re finished…”

JAMES BOND: “Uh, what do you think?”

MONEYPENNY: “I think you’re just getting started!”

Tonight’s the night! It’s time to unveil the 24th official movie of the James Bond’s legacy.

‘Spectre’ debuts at the Royal Albert Hall, with a sparkling red carpet, obviously owned by Daniel Craig, James Bond himself.

Opposite to the ‘Skyfall’ sciarada, when he was sick and nervous, Craig looks amazing, in perfect shape and ready to enjoy his night.

Léa Seydoux wears a gorgeous golden dress, looking a real star ready to enter the 007’s Hall of Beauty.

Monica Bellucci doesn’t look the same way, opting to be what she is: a fascinating woman in her fifties, looking stunning being it.

Christoph Waltz is charmy as always: what a persona!

Talking of charm, and the way to emanate it: cheer it up for Ralph Finnes…it really got it!

Naomi Harris, wearing red, is always hot…even doing nothing to be it…terrific!

Everyone and everything look like this is gonna be HUGE…expectations are at their highest level so…get the jury out!