It’s the Preseason!

Welcome, everyone, to my new (though not yet off the ground) writing venture. My name is Pete Skerritt, and you’ve likely seen me around social media, on YouTube, or on the Retroware website. This project is something that I’ve debated about doing for years, but couldn’t really decide on how to approach it… until now.

What The Retro Referee project will be is a collection of writing about sports video games for consoles of the past. Many retro collectors (and a lot of video game fans in general) tend to scoff at these old sports games; they’re considered trash or generally worthless. I, on the other hand, have been gradually assembling a library of these largely unwanted games since I began building my collection back in 2012. I appreciate them. I enjoy playing them to see how the representation of these sports in video games has evolved and changed over the years. It’s fun to see how the rosters have changed in the pro games. It’s interesting to see how the games have moved from a more arcade-style, accessible approach to a heavy emphasis on strict simulation.

I believe that there are some fascinating topics to cover, and there are a lot of sports games that I can offer impressions of. There won’t be a shortage of potential work — but there are limitations, in terms of time that I’ll have to dedicate to the project and balancing it with other things (such as my college classes and my Consoleation video/writing project).

As it stands, I plan to roll out the first “official” content for The Retro Referee in early June. There may be a piece or two that pops up before that, if time allows, but the goal is to begin publishing in the first full week of June. For now, the writing will largely be done here — on Medium. A move to another publishing platform, like Wordpress, may come later on if the project gains a decent following.

Although most of the content for The Retro Referee project will be written, I may shoot some video pieces featuring me playing a sports game and talking a bit about it. Since I don’t own a capture card — and since my retro consoles are hooked up to a CRT television — filming would be done with my iPad, just as I do for my Consoleation videos.

So… right now, we’re still in Preseason mode. As of this writing, I still have about 8 weeks of class left in the semester, and academics are my personal priority. Once the semester wraps up, and I take about a week or so to clear my head and re-focus, The Retro Referee will be getting to work and talking retro sports games.

I humbly invite you to follow The Retro Referee on Twitter in the meantime, as I’ll be posting random retro sports-related thoughts and sharing any new games that I add to my library. There’s also a Facebook page set up that will see more activity as we get closer to June.

I’m genuinely excited for this. Retro sports games are something that I have a genuine passion for, and I think that it can make for some interesting (and fun) content in the months and years to come.