Here Come The “Experts”…!

I was asked at the weekend if I could give guidance to a startup business on how to do their marketing.

Sure, I’ve got a track record of helping startups destroy their first few months with engaging marketing. So why was this particular one a “100% HELL NO!” for me?


Simple — the business in question was a marketing services company. They wanted to have my help market them and then use the clients as practice while they learnt how to market, themselves. They had no experience in the very thing they were hoping to peddle.

Look, there will always be a spectrum of ability amongst “experts” — some people will be world class while others won’t quite be there. But an ‘expert’ should still know their stuff and be able to help those that perhaps cannot pay a premium. Never position yourself as an expert if you have no clue what you’re doing. That’s borderline unethical.

If you really want to build a client base, work on yourself first. In the case above, their ability to market themselves on social media (something they planned to claim to be gurus at) was serious lacking — no followers, no engagement, nothing. Have the skill or at least go hone it, well before you begin throwing around terms like ‘expert’ or ‘guru’.

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Richard Moore is the Founder of EightStepStartup . You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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