So many fantastic, hard-working, decent people get nowhere. Not because they aren’t applying themselves, but simply because they’re misdirected. Here are the top three things that damage entrepreneurs’ chances of success:

Photo: Nathan Dumlao

Lessons from building a £1m business in 12 months…

It’s funny how when you start with an idea of what a business is going to look like, you don’t tend to see something held together with sticky tape, with the guys building it slamming espressos to wake themselves up and days spent running from meeting to phone call to meeting, to airport, to email, to meeting to phone call.

It really is stunning when you go the extra mile for a client and they are blown away by it.

Richard Moore

Startup Mentor | Sales consultant | Investor in exciting new companies🔥 15+ years in LOVE with selling & coaching! Weekly Live Q&A on Facebook (Mon @1pm GMT)

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