But when you want to do crazy shit, wear a helmet.

this guy wears a helmet. (credit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJx7O131Mb8)

OK, honestly this guy is a dumbass, he should have worn long pants too, but who am I to say.

I took a class about driving motorcycles and they had some great insight. There’s a ladder:

Recently, a piece of NSFW (or semi-safe-for-work) content was added to my site, and it got me thinking.

The content itself is quite cute and inventive. It was a small platform game called “Free the Nipple”, and the opening sequence is absolutely hilarious:

But should I allow content like this (or much much more blatant) to be included on the website?

The backstory

I run a site for sharing games in WebGL format and I’m trying to figure out whether I should or should not censor games on the site. Now this particular game is a piece of art in my…

Over the past year I helped a lot of people learn and even made a few bucks in the process. A few unexpected things happened as well.

So here’s the story of my 17+ months as a Udemy instructor.

I got started in early 2017 — spending evenings and weekends recording a tech class about Google Chrome Developer Tools. It was a subject that I knew deeply, and, after purchasing a few of the top sellers on the subject, I knew that I could produce a course that would be significantly more detailed.

So I dropped a few hundred bucks…

My experience with on-demand co-working started a bit rocky, but I’m excited about the possibilities! Here’s what happened when I became a member of Croissant co-working over the past year.

I grabbed more than a grand with half a day of research.

A quick disclaimer — my grandma asked me about buying cryptocurrency a few weeks ago. I gave her the best advice, but basically encouraged her to do her own research, and not bet the farm with my inheritance ;-). That goes for you too. Don’t take anything I write here as canon, and read, read, read before you decide to risk any funds, crypto or otherwise.

The backstory — I bought just under 1 BTC back in the Mt Gox days for about $80 bucks. Thankfully I withdrew…

You can create dozens of integrations into other web-apps with one implementation of OEmbed.

OEmbed Primer

So what is it? If you’re a Medium writer and you’ve ever pasted a youtube link (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ) into an article, it expands into a full video like this:

Or if I paste a page from TED (https://www.ted.com/talks/susan_blackmore_on_memes_and_temes), TED’s own video player comes up:

But did you know that OEmbed supports rich content (even as rich as 3D and full video games)? Basically with OEmbed you can fill a responsive iFrame with virtually anything.

Why bother?

I run a website for sharing Unity WebGL games called…

There are two possible scenarios, and I don’t like either of them.

A few weeks ago I launched SIMMER.io, a website for sharing 3D content and games. The early product makes it painless to share WebGL builds created with the Unity game engine.

In reality SIMMER is really a content delivery platform, and will require lots of bandwidth as more people start to use the site.

I use Google Cloud to deliver the games over a content delivery network for fast speeds whether gamers live in Dallas, Denmark or Dubai.

I’m one of the little people. A guy with a…

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye. Some celebration toons!

Techcrunch reports today that Adobe Flash is finally coming to an end.

In honor of the end of Adobe Flash, I will be listening to these all day!

Goodbye Strongbad, We’ll miss you.

This is a followup to https://hackernoon.com/introducing-simmer-industries-c1025f001e68.

It has all the details about my new website, SIMMER industries (update: it’s now SIMMER.io), a place for Unity Developers to upload their content in WebGL format.

The Asset Store Link

I’ve done some informal surveying of developers who sell assets on the Unity Asset Store. The folks who had a link to a web demo claimed that it increased their sales rates significantly.

So, there’s a prominent backlink to the Asset Store that will hopefully help increase sales.


To increase the viral nature, of your content, I’ve added share buttons. …

Rocco Balsamo

don’t go to https://simmer.io!

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