The launch of the Rome Terminal this past few weeks has commenced flawlessly. All data services retained permanent uptime and supplied near real-time transaction data for three major Avalanche DEXs. …

An exciting time for the protocol, the Rome Terminal team is happy to announce an agreement for native integration with one of DeFi’s most advanced market services: KyberDMM.

An overview of the KyberDMM

Pushing the boundaries of traditional decentralized exchanges, the KyberDMM is powered by Amplified Liquidity Pools which offer…

A long-time partner of Rome Blockchain Labs, the Rome Terminal team is overjoyed to announce the native integration of Pangolin into the platform’s launch this coming Monday, October the 4th. One of the first decentralized exchanges within the Avalanche C-chain, Pangolin quickly rose as a preeminent service within the ecosystem.

The Rome Terminal

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