The Rookie Season’s Predictions — NFL Draft 2016 Edition

The Rookie Season is back for 2016 and starting with the NFL Draft which is where my journey began back in 2015. I’m going to mix up the content moving forward with some elements from the NFL, Fantasy Football and even my Madden Franchise.

With the NFL Draft just days away, I’m going to throw out some predictions for the Draft in Chicago;

1) Corey Coleman is the first wide receiver off the board;

Some may have concerns over Coleman’s ability to run only 4 routes, however, he is so lightning quick that it shouldn’t be a concern and could provide teams with an elite receiver with the ability to stretch the field as an excellent no.2 guy. There are several teams in play for this position in the first round but I can see him joining up with the Houston Texans which should start a run of wide receivers in the first round.

2) The Browns trade out of the #8 Pick and end up with either Josh Doctson or Laquon Treadwell;

The Browns are in a good position after trading out of the #2 Pick with the Eagles. This gives them the #8 Pick but I don’t think they are done making moves in the 2016 Draft.
They have needs in every position on the team but after the signing of RGIII, I think the main priority is giving him a top WR to target for the 2016 season especially as they still have an uncertainty on whether Josh Gordon is eligible for the upcoming season. In this scenario, they obtain more picks to rebuild and they get a receiver who can help them put points on the board.

3) Chicago Bears leapfrog the New York Giants to obtain Ezekial Elliott;

With the loss of Matt Forte this offseason, the Chicago Bears are without a superstar running back behind below average QB Jay Cutler. Reports are that the Chicago Bears are in love with Elliott and I believe that he will fall to 9 where they will orchestrate a trade up to leapfrog the Giants who also want to pick him at 10. With a returning former first round pick from 2015 in Kevin White and superstar wideout Alshon Jeffrey, Ezekial Elliott will help make the Bears offence relevant in the NFC again.

4) The Cowboys will select running back Derrick Henry with the 34th pick (2nd Round);

My predictions on Twitter have Ezekial Elliott going to the Cowboys at #4. However, if I was going to hang the onions, I would say they will pass on Elliott and wait until round 2 and pick Derrick Henry out of Alabama. He will fit in behind that elite offensive line and provide immediate production as a starter. This will give them a great chance to pick one of the top players in the draft with their first round pick in another position of need.

5) There will be 4 Quarterback’s drafted in the first round (Goff, Wentz, Lynch & Another Late in the First);

I think it’s obvious to most people that two of the QB’s will be off the table before we reach pick 3 on Thursday night. The only other mystery at the moment is where Paxton Lynch falls and I personally think it’ll be with the Jets at #20 but could be anywhere. The last part of my prediction has the #31 pick taking a QB in this slot, whether it’s Denver or someone else who trades back up into the first round, I believe maybe a Connor Cook goes in this position.

Tune in to the NFL Draft this weekend to see if these predictions come true!

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