Taxi Cab Conversations

He left Greece with his family when he was a child for New York City. They came over to the United States sometime in the 1950's. Since then, most of his family has made their way back to Greece where he spends most of his summer’s. He’s a grandfather now with a handful of grandchildren, the oldest being 15 and the youngest just 3 years old. He drives a taxi during the week through the streets of Manhattan to keep himself busy, because to him being productive is one of the keys in life. He loves meeting and interacting with new people which is why he drives his taxi. He doesn’t get upset when customer’s don’t want to talk and he doesn’t mind being told how to get somewhere unlike some of his friends who drive. He believes that being healthy, happy, and productive are the true joy’s of life, and that material possessions are just temporary fragments that cease to provide any true substantive happiness.

To those of you who know me it comes as no surprise why I had such an elaborate conversation with my taxi driver. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and learning about the things they feel are important. I cannot remember this gentleman’s name but I can assure you that he has had a profound impact on my life.

“You were created by a creator, to be creative” he said

As he elaborated on what he truly meant I felt exuberant that it was destiny our paths had crossed at this particular moment in time. We are all put on this earth to create and be creative, and to truly understand what life has in store for us. It is not enough to just suffice and accept things when we can challenge where we are and where we want to go. We will never truly be happy until we understand ourselves, our creators purposely gave us the ability to create that in which we want to create. He explained to me that it is the smaller things in life, the things you can’t put a dollar sign next to that truly bring us joy, and that things that make you happy are truly worth pursuing. For those of you willing to learn and truly understanding yourselves do not be afraid because in this pursuit of creation you will find what you are looking for. You were created by a creator, to be creative.