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Brazilian-born developer, Zeh Fernando, chats to us about his love for programming, how he gets in the coding zone and what’s on his radar right now.

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Name: Zeh Fernando

Job Title: Principal Developer

Preferred languages: C#, C++, TypeScript


I’m Brazilian, working in NY as a Principal Developer. I love reinventing the wheel.

My dad bought a computer for the home when I was 10. I’ll never really understand why, as it wasn’t common back then. I fell in love with it though and never stopped programming.

I normally need to shut down any kind of interference — audio or visual. So I like putting on my headphones, putting on some repetitive music (mostly electronic), and being in an environment without a lot of people walking around me.

I use different editors for all kinds of different things, but for basic text editing, Notepad++.

I try to play around with a lot of stuff just for the sake of learning, but right now in my free time I’ve been focusing in TypeScript (as a language) and I’m interested in React Native and more Android development.

A few. I always keep my own projects going on, but always contribute to other people’s projects when I see a way to actually help.

My list would be gigantic, but “Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams” by Tom DeMarco is a must read. It can transform one’s perspective on creative work (including programming).

More specifically programming-wise, I’d recommend “Clean Code” by Robert Martin to read and think about.

And personally, I wish more people would read (and understand) “Quiet” by Susan Cain.

I mostly follow developers (that I might not know personally), designers and game developers. I try to use Twitter in a non-personal way.

Definitely virtual reality and augmented reality.

Pepsi Spire. It was the front-end interface for Pepsi’s next generation Soda machines. It was a product I really loved developing. Developing and iterating over a product that millions of people will be using every day is an incredible experience.

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