He carries with him a smile both charming and deadly. A mouth full of wicked lies is what laces his enchanting soft lips. Shadow kissed eyes are hungrily observing any and all behind a thin pane of glass. These eyes he uses to seek out the weak, those who cannot and will not succumb to him, and little by little he disrupts their lives and brings them to their knees.Once oh so innocent girls are now forced on their knee to do things only the Lord himself may judge them for. His tall and innocent demeanor may fool anyone, but I see the truth.I see it now too that my life has been violated with his presence. In the beginning our laughs were so hearty and pure that I did not feel the gradual down spiral into his love. Eventually, I couldn’t breathe the air before me if it wasn’t enveloped in his scent. Eventually, I couldn’t smile if I couldn’t see his rambunctious actions. Eventually, my heart couldn’t beat happily in my breast without his presence. I knew then,that I had fallen; hard. My eyes now renewed with the emotions of love, I could no longer see what negativity others pointed out of him. I could not see the lustful hunger in his eyes.I could not see how dangerously his grip hardened when I would deny him. I could not see the malevolence that lied inside those earth brown eyes. I could not see how trapped I was. Little did I know my release would hurt me much more than his love ever could.