In 2016 we announced our plan to bring the new JOBS Act Title III laws to Ethereum tokens. We went to FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and became a member (1st step in getting certified) and started to move through all the legal hurdles to get the license. We knew we were only going to get so far because the platform had not been built yet, but we didn’t want to get over our heads and then get told we weren’t going to be allowed to do what we were planing. Luckily they were very open to our idea and had heard of Blockchain technology. They told us we were ready to go into the last part of the certification process but without the platform being built we couldn’t move forward. …


The Rudimental

The Ethereum powered equity crowdfunding portal for artists: The Rudimental. Changing the way media is made, by bringing it to the masses and the markets.

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