This Handwritten Note Taught Me Everything About Marketing

Like most guys, I hate shopping. Whatever I can get away with buying online I do. Everything from lens solution, diapers for the kids and even my suits. No lines, no traffic getting to the store, just buy it and have it the next day. I have no idea who is taking my order online, in fact today who knows, it may be all done by robot. Until today.

I made an order from and as I was taking the items out of the box, I noticed this-

Not the regular automated “Thank you for your order, please order from us again!” Just a short personalized note to show they appreciate the business, and there was actually a human being taking the time to let me know. I don’t know who Andy is, or who their marketing director is, but whoever it is they are brilliant.

Personal is Worth More Than Catchy

Whatever you do, add a personal touch. Companies spend millions of dollars on their advertising, and then they spend millions more to hire people to come up with creative ideas. The typical ad guru asks himself: “How can we stuff our product down everyone’s throat, and make sure they don’t realize we’re trying to get their money?”

Keep it simple and keep it personal. Amazon doesn’t add personal notes to their deliveries, and perhaps they don’t need to. Chances are I would have ordered from Boxed again, because they have all my information and I was happy with the order. But now, the next time I need something I’m going to check if Boxed has it before I look on Amazon.

Bottom Line: If you’re in business and looking for a great way to get your customers to come back, keep it simple and keep it personal.

Would a small personal note mean anything to you when you shop?Please leave your comments and advice in the comments below.

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