5 Pinterest Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Success on Pinterest isn’t just one thing; there are multiple factors that contribute to operating a successful account.

You don’t have a plan

Pinterest marketing has to start with a cohesive plan. As you know social media networks changes constantly. If you think that reading every blog post out there is the smart way to learn Pinterest well, I hate to burst your bubble — it’s not. How do you really know if what you are reading is up to date? Brainstorm about your goals & think on paper. What are you hoping to achieve through Pinterest?

You’ re too lazy to add a pin description

At the end of the day you want your pinning activities to drive more traffic to your website right? Without traffic there’s no transaction.
One of the biggest mistakes I see being made over and over again is how Pinterest users ignore crafting eye grabbing, attention sucking pin descriptions.
I often just see hashtags, or one liners, or even just one word. I think it is because it is so much more fun to pin while creating pin descriptions feels more like work! Guess what? It is!
Pinterest pin descriptions are more important than ever before. Powered by user supplied captions and comments, Pinterest categorizes your pins based on your pin descriptions. One of the most powerful & important ways to improve your search results is to sharpen your pin descriptions.

You don’t have enough helpful pins

Pinterest isn’t all about you. Practice the 80/20 rule which means 80 percent of your pins should be content that your target audience wants, needs and would love. How will the info you share help them solve their pressing problems? Are you pinning with a caring heart? It’s all about other PEOPLE. Stop talking about yourself so much!

You’re inviting people too soon

One of the most common Pinterest tactics that I’m sure you’ve come across is that you need to follow pinners so that they’ll hopefully follow you. While I totally agree with this tactic it’s not a black and white rule. Make sure your Pinterest page is properly set-up before you start following or inviting pinners to check you out.

You are not measuring your results

How do you really know if what you’re doing on Pinterest is working?
It’s important because I want to know if I should continue with my current Pinterest marketing plans or if I need to change my tactics.
Put it this way. If you’ve ever been on a diet and most of us have, you would most likely follow a meal plan and then you would weight yourself regularly to see if you were making progress…is the meal plan was working?