Do Slimming Patches Really Work?

Unless your living under a rock, you get bombarded by ads for waist trainers, wraps, supplements and other modalities to claim to assist with slimming and weight loss. I don’t blame these marketers as supplements alone are a $37 billion a year industry.

Therefore there is big money on the table for these marketers to push their solutions to this hungry audience. However, consumers are getting wiser to what works and what is a scam. Last year many people heard about the Shredz scam that involved Devin Physique and Paige Hathaway. They were the two Instagram media darlings as their bubble was burst when photoshopping, plastic surgery and outright fraud were alleged. There was blowback to Shredz as a brand as they appear to not yet recovered.

That is the reason why we are so skeptical of these get thin quick schemes. I have problems with yo-yo diets and tend to fluctuate plus or minus 15 pounds. So would a slimming patch actually work? We reviewed the Body By Orsini patch as we saw it online.

International Fitness Model Valeria Orsino promotes the body slimming patch. We did a lot of research about her online as well as stalked all of her social media. We did not see any red flags and if anything she seems a lot more genuine than most of the people you see on IG.

The Orsini Slimming Patch was created with natural ingredients including, caffeine, salicornia, catechin, sophoricoside, and capsaicin. The combined natural ingredients target a specific area causing the user to quickly lose weight faster combined with exercise and proper diet. The easy to use slimming patch allows users to go about their daily routine and continue to achieve a flatter stomach.

The nice thing about her website is that she is not over promising and under delivering. She is acknowledging that the patch is in conjunction with diet and exercise and not a miracle pill or diet bar.

You wear them for 6–8 hours at a time and wear them every other day. You can also work out while wearing the patch which makes it ideal for those who regular work out. Also, according to their video, some people eat less while wearing the patch.

We are going to give it a try as we’ll report back the full results. In the meantime, check out her website

Feel free to share your Body By Orsini experiences with us as well.