What is Sinusitis?

Tom La Vecchia
May 1, 2017 · 1 min read

Spring Allergy Season is upon us as that means a lot of runny noses. Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis or SAR rears its ugly head mostly during either the winter or spring. Winter allergies are terrible, but Spring allergies can be brutal. Spring Allergy Triggers are as follows:

1) Airborne Pollen

2) Spring Cleaning

3) High Humidity

4) Pet Dander

Runny nose is a common symptom that can lead to sinus issues. Chronic Sinus issues is referred to as Sinusitis. They are characterized as being Acute, Subacute ot Chronic.

Check out an Infographic illustrating Causes and Solutions for Sinusitis:

Infographic Supplied by: www.DrMonicaTadros.com

If you feel that you may suffer from Chronic Sinusitis, seek a healthcare professional for advice. Dr. Monica Tadros is based in NYC as you can check out her site for more information on sinus related health matters: https://drmonicatadros.com/our-procedures/sinusitis/

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