The Art of Surprise & Delight

Have you ever had the chance to watch someone be greeted with so much love a care?

On a recent trip I arrived at the airport of the destination I was visiting. As I made my way out of the airport I noticed a waiting area right outside the gate exits where people could wait for their family and friends to arrive to the airport.

What caught my eye the most was two separate families waiting on their loved ones. Each family had balloons and signs both waiting with an entourage of people ready to greet their special guest.

As I sat there I began to notice my own anticipation building. For some reason I wanted to be a part of this welcome crew.

Because I wasn’t in a rush I waited to witness the big moment. The arrival, like expected there were sequels, hugs, love and laughter when the guest of honor finally arrived

All of this royal welcome made me think, how do we wow and greet people in our everyday life. Surly we don’t have signs and balloons and most days we probably don’t wait with anticipation for our client to arrive or our spouse to walk through the door from a long day of work. But what If we did? This week I challenge you to create welcoming moments. It could be with your staff as they arrive for work on Monday or your best friend that you are meeting for lunch. Change the routines delight and surprise someone this week.

Everyone loves a warm welcome and a little something to let them know you’re excited to share this life with them.

What are a few ways that you surprise and delight the people in your life?