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We understand the need to protect consumers from fraudulent actors looking to deceive and profit off of unsuspecting individuals but to put a blanket ban on an entire industry is more than obtuse.

By looking to stop the sales of fraudulent cryptocurrency companies, Facebook and other social media companies (Google, Twitter) are inadvertently removing postings that stifle innovation not just in fin-tech but in the art world as well. We’ve tried to post multiple ads for our growing crypto-art project, The Scarab Experiment, only to be met with disapproval. …

2014–2018, S. SATOSHI

SCARAB is the world’s first cryptocurrency as art.


​Artist(Pseudonym): S.Satoshi
Title,Year: SCARAB, 2015
Medium: Cryptocurrency
Size: 100,000 pieces
H.O.A: Hash of Authentication


​”SCARAB is not attached to a physical work of art or digital object because the cryptocurrency itself is the art, chosen by the artist to be, act, and represent the linguistic term of what an artwork is.

Since Duchamp we have moved beyond the work, beyond the artist, and have dissected the interpretation directly from the audience. We say things like intrinsic value comes from beauty, comes from importance, but where the value really lies is in the…

Watch our newest introduction video, created to help explain our goal in creating the artist SCARAB and promoting our cryptocurrency as art.

When we hear discussions on gender and identity what we’re really talking about are labels that we’ve created in order to define ourselves. We can choose not to identify by any of this language because, after all, language is naturally incomplete and we always have a choice in how we relate ourselves to the world. Language can never capture the whole of who we truly are because no matter how many words are used there’ll always be something missing or unsaid. So why use labels at all?

These labels are really only imaginary abstracts that we’ve agreed upon to use…

To date the world of cryptocurrency is abuzz with hundreds of new Initial Coin Offerings (also known as ICO’s) as companies scramble to raise funds for their newest technological ideas. Investors are interested to get in early on the future of the technology that they think will dominate the world in a few years. But what if the company plus cryptocurrency model is wrong? What if it’s not tokenized companies such as EOS or Bancor that will win the war for the future but something different?

In 2011 we saw the potential behind bitcoin’s blockchain technology and although we foresaw…

While The Scarab Experiment is still accepting artwork for inclusion as official works, there has been an alteration to the process. In order to ensure artist participation all artwork will be accepted and rewarded with one Scarab Token. Fitting of the projects goals, to have many artists work together, there will be a step using a new imaging method technology. This process will take each submitted artwork and process it with the image before it using a variable algorithm in order to create a wholly new image. That image will then be painted with oil on canvas and therefore produce…

SCARAB is Anonymous meets Banksy

Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal and there are a multitude to choose from. You have those that cater to the high-tech with smart contracts(ETHEREUM), those that cater to speed(DASH), those that cater to crowd wisdom(AUGUR), those that cater to hedge funds(ICONOMI), those that cater to store of value (BITCOIN) and with the cryptocurrency SCARAB you now have one that caters to artists.


Artists are usually some of the earliest adopters to new technologies because they like trying out ways to use them in their creations. Technology sparks creativity and sometimes through an artist’ emmersive tinkering we can…

As part of our marketing effort to begin getting the word out to artists about our platform we’ve been working with Juxtapoz Magazine and you’ll now be able to see Scarab in the 200th Issue featuring Shepard Fairey. Juxtapoz is one of the premiere contemporary fine art magazines in the world and has been on the cutting edge of art and culture for over 20 years. With their audience we hope to create a new bridge from the artist to Scarab.

Our biggest hurdle is adoption but with a growing community and very talented artists we’re beginning to see The…

The Scarab Experiment has successfully launched and the system is now up and running. The first valid submissions are being processed on a continual basis and queued for community voting.

All artists that work in ANY medium are welcome to submit their work for inclusion in the project. The reward for each artist’ work that’s submitted is 1 SCARAB token, which is used to validate and confirm membership and which as of this writing (According to XChain at have a value of $36.03 USD each on the DEX Counterparty exchange. To submit artwork the artist must have an account…

We’d like to thank all of our supporters and urge participation in the next few days as our system launches and we begin looking for official artwork for the artist known as SCARAB. This is a unique project, unlike anything in the art world or cryptospace, and as such it requires a delicate form of execution and transparency.

Creating an experiment that combines identity and art with cryptocurrency tokens has been a long journey but it has been worthwhile. Art submissions will begin processing tomorrow and the first few artworks will begin merging immediately.

In preparation for this please make…


The world’s first Cryptocurrency as Art and crypto-based Artist Collective

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