Narratives remain the same but people unfortunately change.

You’re fooling yourself if you think after several weeks that politicians, corporations, the media and the entertainment industry give a crap about racism and bigotry. If you are in that camp, then you are incredibly naive about how the world works. No matter what they say online, news conferences or showing solidarity tributes to folks killed by police: the money they donate or legislate to address the issues show that they are still tone-deaf and prefer the status quo.

Reminds me years ago when many American celebrities shot a viral video of campaigning of stricter gun control for regular citizens…

Racism comes in many shapes and sizes.

As a black man living in Canada, I haven’t endured as much rampant racism and bigotry as my fellow counterparts do in the United States. Racism and bigotry fit so well, like hot tea with a dap of vanilla cream. It isn’t portrayed as law enforcement going after people of colour with petty crimes. It’s the power structure and the minds who fund law enforcement to act that way. The politicians who give out rousing endorsements of police unions because it would look good for their political careers. What about the entertainment industry and their lack of portraying people of…

Every faction wants to pigeon hole the protest to fit their affiliation narrative without addressing the root cause of the problem.

It’s been three days since the nationwide protests sparked after the unjust death of George Floyd, and every single political faction is trying to define the narrative of what these protests are all about. Let me list these groups:

Centrists and their power for Status-Quo

It’s been honestly refreshing to see how American politics has transformed for nearly the past 12 years since Barack Obama first got elected as President. The loathe hatred of George W Bush reared its ugly head back into the heart of Texas by the time Obama stepped into the White House. …

Warsame Abdi

Writer and Video Editor

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