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Android vs IOS

Today there are 2 main operating system for smartphones. And they are Android and IOS . Some people think that Android has priority over IOS , while some think that IOS has priority over Android. I’m an android user and I’ve been using android since 3 years. And different people have different opinions on this topic. So I’m gonna share my opinion with you people.

The points of comparison are as following :-

  1. Developer - Android has been developed by Google and IOS by Apple Inc.
  2. Initial Release - Android was released on 23th September , 2008. IOS was released on 29th July , 2007.
  3. Interface and Innovation - IOS is much better than Android in the terms of interface and innovation. And Android can never beat IOS in these terms of comparisons.
  4. Android Versions vs IOS Versions - Android is extremely less preferable in this case , Apple releases an iPhone per year with many exciting features and new IOS versions, whereas Android phones released per year are more than 10 in number but useful ones are only 1 or 2 not more than that.
  5. Resale value - iPhones have much more resale value than any other phone as iPhones are the most secured mobile phones and there are many people who still use iPhone 4S and other older models.
  6. Security — When the deal is with security then hats off to IOS as its nearly impossible to hack !! And they are the most preferred smartphones for people who don’t want their phones to be hacked. On the other hand, Android is the most basic OS which can be hacked easily

Conclusion -So its clear here, IOS is the best and it wins with the score 4- 0.

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