Do Not Vote for Donald Trump

At this point, we really need to sit down as a country and figure what we truly stand for. The absolute madness that is the Donald Trump campaign is exposing America as a place that is intolerant, exceedingly xenophobic, racist, and essentially ignorant of how the economy works. I have always assumed that the American people are generally good and know when to do the right thing. However, this election cycle is making me seriously reconsider that point of view.

When this started, I think we all laughed but the time for that is over. Trump is taking all of the coded, said-but-not-said bullshit that the GOP and Fox News has been cultivating the last two decades and outright saying it. He’s normalizing buffoonish, cartoonish racism. He’s normalizing vulgarity. He’s normalizing violence against the opposition. This man is running for the president of what is supposed to be the greatest country on earth and he’s acting like a 16 year old. His followers are more than happy to follow him into this abyss of idiocy. It’s mind-blowing. Are we really that stupid as a collective populace? I’d like to think not but maybe we really are just a vicious uneducated mob, nothing more than the modern day Roman empire. For all that Rome contributed to this world, they were a vicious people who enjoyed watching people fight to the death for sport. They were barbaric but they happened to have pushed civilization forward so that was overlooked. We might have nicer cars and more iPhones but we’re no different than some of the places on this planet we currently believe to be beneath us and less civilized.

Trump supporters have now, on multiple occasions, assaulted or gotten physical with non-violent, peaceful protestors. The other night in Chicago being the real exemption where both sides were throwing punches at each other. I don’t believe anyone really condones this behavior — anyone that isn’t a savage, anyway — but I am also not mad at the anti-Trump supporters for swinging back. Like any bully, once you swing back, suddenly they’re the victim and the ones with their tails between their legs. It only takes one punch back to expose their true cowardice.

Still, this is rather unprecedented in the US since I’ve been alive. Yes, we had the absolute stupidity that was the rise of the Tea Party back when *gasp* a black man became president. (Yes, this was why the Tea Party came to fruition because all of the things they said they opposed were allowed to run rampant when W. was in office so spare me the revisionist history) While those protests and political battles were completely idiotic, they were not violent. We’re currently watching a candidate offer to pay medical bills for anyone that gets hurt assaulting a protestor. This is happening in the United States in 2016. We are not acting like a free country. We are acting like unhinged lunatics incapable of dealing with fellow citizens that have opposing views.

Instead of being upset and having a debate about the differences, the immediate response from the right is to either come out full racist or jump straight to violence. Everything on their side is a completely existential crisis simply because some of us believe that everyone should get married or that maybe there should be some controls and limitations on gun ownership. Debate in and of itself is good. Countering the other side with violence is not. Spare me, again, the notion that ‘the left’ is always the one that turns to violence and bring up the protests in Ferguson, Baltimore, St. Louis, and other places. Protesting is not illegal. These protests were also not violent until the police showed up in their riot gear and started a riot. Protesting is not meant to make the oppressor comfortable. Protesting is the one way the regular people in this world have to voice their opinions. There are more of us than there are of them and the people will always prevail. That being said, the aim is always peaceful protesting and the right is fully intent on turning every situation violent.

To quote Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” By attempting to quell any dissenting voices against him, Trump and his acolytes are pushing every rally to a tipping point that will inevitably end up with someone being seriously hurt or killed. The Trump supporters are ravenous psychopaths. Look at video of them as they yell at protestors! They are completely unglued.

We are witnessing the death of the modern Republican party. It will never recover from this and it is all their doing. They began creating this monster the day Obama was elected. Delusional focus on making him a one-term president. Allowing Trump to have his useless point of view validated by pushing the birther nonsense. Embracing the lunatics in the Tea Party simply to gain seats in the House and Senate. Letting all of the racism and fake patriotism guide them the last few years as they did everything they could to stop Obama’s presidency in its tracks. Now that they’ve opened the floodgates to Arkham, the Joker is in control and machine gunning everyone in sight. They have no clue how to stop it and have no one to blame but themselves. Their shortsightedness has destroyed them and it is magnificent. I imagine that is the one benefit to Trump — he caused a party run by idiots, for idiots, to completely implode.

But now they have to deal with the monstrosity that is Donald Trump. He’s woefully unqualified to be president and barely even qualifies as a man. His main selling point is that he’s not PC and speaks his mind. This translates to, “He has highly offensive views that he vomits up and I agree with and now I don’t have to say them behind closed doors, you can all hear it.” Despite all of this, our media gives him a pass and is essentially helping usher in American fascism. I hesitate to throw words like that around or use Hitler comparisons because they are cheap ways to end a conversation. Doing so actually cheapens and trivializes the hideous acts that Hitler carried out and it’s done for a cheap shot at ending a discussion. However, in this instance, I really am unable to find a better equivalent to what we’re seeing. Trump is tapping into all of the same “patriotic” veins that Hitler did: it’s “their” fault your life sucks; I can make us amazing again; deportations of other races; full embrace of racism and bigotry. There is no real difference but as Americans, we believe that nothing like that could ever happen in this country. People are people and we’re no different than anyone else despite what Fox News would have you believe. We can be manipulated and have the same fears as anyone else preyed upon by a self-serving narcissist in order to gain power.

Despite the outsized coverage, and complete failure of our news media to hold this clown accountable, I still don’t believe there is any way that Donald Trump will end up president of the United States. The days of winning elections with the white man voting bloc are over. There are not enough racists in this country to carry him in a general election. This is the last desperate grasp at holding onto power of white Americans because after this election cycle, it will be gone for good. Sure, it’s easy for him stand out amongst the other absolute jackasses he’s been running against in the primary but that’s such a low bar it doesn’t mean much. This is the last gasp of a dying party, let’s make sure we extinguish the embers for good and keep this country moving forward as the founders intended. Do not be swayed by this con artist. Do not allow the US to become the laughing stock of the planet because a failed businessman and reality TV star ascended to the Oval Office on a tsunami of ignorance and hatred. Do not vote for Donald Trump. Fuck him.