Who is Gavin McInnes?

Gavin McInnes is a household name in today’s political hemisphere. Once the Godfather of hipsterdom and co-founder of Vice, now finds himself the rights version of Jon Stewart on Compound Media’s Gavin McInnes show; part time Pundit over at Canadian owned Rebel Media. Gavin is no stranger to controversy, once former Fox News contributer he was brought on to discuss controversial topics such as men’s rights, traditional household values, and 3rd wave feminisms lack of actual diversity. Jill Filipovic can still hear the ringing in her ear from appearing on Fox back in 2014 to discuss, “Is sexism in today’s new world just a myth?” Needless to say her own argument went off the tracks much like the Democratic Party in 2016’s presidential election. https://youtu.be/eGkACIFcjYY

Gavin now 47 married with 3 children resides in New York. Not exactly the mecca for people who express freedom of ideas these days. Gavin remains a self identifying libertarian with some slightly moderate conservative values. He’s not your dad’s dad (Rino) at the voting booth with the Jesus hates Gays t-shirt, you’re more likely to catch him in a punk rock shirt he’s had since his glory days.

Most recently Gavin McInnes formed the Proud Boys, a fraternity of men whose deep roots are western chauvinism and refusing to apologize for the creation of the modern world. Since its creation the group has received flack and push back from the left, so far as to even compare them to the KKK by council woman Kathy Galvin of Fredericksburg. Proud Boys a multicultural group made up of men from all walks of life, religions, race, creed, and political ideologies say otherwise. These false accusations stem from lazy reporting in today’s polarized environment, and the outrage culture society that controls our media, schools; even indoctrinated the majority of Hollywood and its advertisers. The truth is mens fraternity groups have been around for generations. So why is Chelsea Manning perceived as brave and The Proud Boys considered racist to conforming ideologues? When has irrational group think ever needed a reason to be rational?

So who is Gavin McInnes? He’s a man’s man who doesn’t adhere to political correctness. He is the hero the right deserves and the one it needed. https://www.compoundmedia.com/show/the-gavin-mcinnes-show/