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The Sevens Official

So you think you can Janz?

We always knew there was talent in our Sevens community, but even we weren’t ready for this awesome display of skills and participation! …

The Sevens team have seen a number of frequently asked questions in the chat. We’d like to help clarify these points and have therefore compiled the answers below. Before we start, let’s have a re-cap.

On Friday 8th Oct, midday UTC, we will take a snapshot of the full 7,000…

We are just over three weeks since our launch and we want to share with you some of the upcoming, and existing reasons to buy and hold a The Sevens NFT.

The Sevens art is dope…? The Sevens family is lit…? The Sevens is built around the community…?


Welcome to the The Sevens Poker Event

For Seven weeks we will be running a weekly tournament for our The Sevens VII (hodlers) community. The tournament will begin in the Discord server where you will receive your chips and create your game invites.

Poker professional Max Young will join the…

Dear 7s Community and beyond,

With our launch milestones well underway our attention can now focus fully on utility and marketing for Season 1, and early stage preparations for Season 2


Since inception, The Sevens has prided itself on being for the community and has always committed to including…

Please find below our transcript of the AMA held in our Discord channel on Saturday, 25th September, 2021. The Sevens Core team thanks everyone for attending, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did

Ja5on — Hey Sevens Family! Welcome to our Ask Me Anything. Thanks to everyone…

Dear Sevens Family,

Firstly, thank you for the tremendous amount of support and love you have all shown this past week.

The airdrop of 550 7s NFTs has now been successfully distributed and our current token distribution sits at 4155 Holders with over 18,000 transfers since launch. …

Dear Sevens Family

We’d like to share with you the details of the 550 7’s NFT airdrop that will be coming very soon.

Working out a fair process for the drop has almost completely consumed the Core Team over the last few days post-launch. We’ve seen the feedback that the…

Dear All,

Let’s jump straight into it…

Did we underestimate the lengths our community would go through to acquire The Sevens NFTs, Yes . Were we influenced by the positive sentiment around the project, yes. Could we have avoided the issue where one wallet got a large allocation of NFT’s…

To The Sevens community,

We are delighted to share with you some information around the fairness of our launch and considerations taken.

The Sevens NFT drop is provably fair. There’s no way anyone, including The Sevens team, can tamper with your unrevealed tokens.


You’ve been following an NFT project that…

The Sevens Official

7,000 unique aesthetic collectibles with references from pop culture, anime, games, memes, movies, and more.

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