The Sevens Audition Winners

So you think you can Janz?

We always knew there was talent in our Sevens community, but even we weren’t ready for this awesome display of skills and participation! You can imagine that choosing a winner was not an easy task for the team, but we had to make a choice and we’re super proud to announce the winner is Ranvellion!


Having chatted to Ranv over the last couple of days we are pleased to confirm that he has agreed to join The Sevens team and support Janz in the drawing and development of Season 2

Ranv also gave us a sneak preview of one of the masks he has already collaborated on with Janz, and it’s one for the ladies….just goes to show what an awesome team these guys will be!

The first Janz x Ranv collab

But that not all! The Sevens team were divided in our thoughts for the winner, Ninjacat’s submission was also incredible and there was no way we wanted to let those skills escape us!


We have reached out to Ninjacat, and we’re super excited to announce that she will also join the team — working on a secret component to The Sevens….!

Here is the full list of winners, congratulations to everyone!

Winner: @ranvellion#1446

2nd Winner: @ninjacat#6257

Runners Up (in no particular order)

  • @rpb777#7140
  • @SpellThief#5278
  • @AlfredoF#1510
  • @Kingyo#6810 (friend of)
  • @chichi.chan#0860
  • @zartworks#0431
  • @V-#6666
  • @lightwrkz (twitter handle)

Thanks to everyone who took part in our auditions — every single one of you is awesome!



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