The Sevens Poker — With Poker-Pro Max Young!

Welcome to the The Sevens Poker Event

For Seven weeks we will be running a weekly tournament for our The Sevens VII (hodlers) community. The tournament will begin in the Discord server where you will receive your chips and create your game invites.

Poker professional Max Young will join the server and jump into several games at random!

Each member will be able to claim 10,000 play chips per day. Each member can then create a game with an invite link that they can share with their fellow players in the dedicated #vii-poker channel.

The rules are purposefully simple — the player with the most play chips at the end of the week wins. Games will run from 12pm UTC on Friday, until 12pm UTC on Wednesday. Thursday is left clear for the administration of checking winners and resetting balances.

Each week the winner will receive a The Sevens NFT — And a place in The Sevens Poker Tournament Final — where they will play against professional poker player Max Young for 1ETH!

Bonus Play — Knock out Max Young in the final and win a Special Edition The Sevens NFT**

5 weekly Runner-ups will receive a custom deck of The Sevens playing cards.

User Guide

There are two commands you need to use within the #vii-poker channel.

!pn-beg-chips This command will trigger the bot to give you 10,000 play chips. This command can be used once per day.

!pn-new-game <small-blind>/<big-blind> This command will create a game invite that you can share with your fellow Sevens. You must replace the <small-blind> and <big-blind> text with the number of chips you want to set for the blinds. For example !pn-new-game 50/100.

You may also check the current rankings by typing !pn-chips-rank — Be aware there is a significant time lag in receiving the most up-to-date results.

Playing a Game. You can either create a game link yourself and invite others, or you can click on someone else’s link to join their game.

** Its important to remember that whoever creates the game has to let the other players join by approving them in the game lobby **

All games are run on the Poker Now website. For full details on how to play please go to the site in advance and view the tutorials.

**If two or more players are involved in a hand knocking out Max Young the player with the highest chip count entering the hand gets the bounty in case of a split pot.




7,000 unique aesthetic collectibles with references from pop culture, anime, games, memes, movies, and more.

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The Sevens Official

The Sevens Official

7,000 unique aesthetic collectibles with references from pop culture, anime, games, memes, movies, and more.

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