I Voted for Hillary, But I’m Glad Trump Won
Shannon Falkner

A head’s up to the Bernie, Trump, Clinton supporters - the train of climate change is chugging along while you all argue, and when it hits it’s going to be very bad for everyone. Bad for the liberals, racists, mysoginists, bullies, basically all the drift and floss of humanity which currently exist on this planet. Look we all have something called free will-call it the Matrix of choice if you like-and our lives are very, very short. Every action performed by an individual in this life has a consequence for that individual — just the laws of Nature.

I’m researching and writing about climate change, and I hope many of you will join me, and read the first in my series of novels to be published in April 2017, where I explore the science and the consequences of our choices


Instead of all of us fiddling while Rome burns, please think of doing what you can personally to stop climate change (if we still can which is now highly doubtful according to most scientists). Lets make an effort to save our planet and give it our best and last shot.

In order to do this I suggest you join 350.org or other important organizations like the Sierra Club and support their actions. A list of organizations you may wish to join are listed on my website.

In addition there are ways we can all personally combat global warming by powering our homes with renewable energy, using energy-efficient appliances, eating all the food we buy (and making less of that food meat), driving fuel-efficient vehicles, using public transportation and flying less.

Thank you.