Everyone else is doing it — so why didn’t Scotland?
Chris Deerin

Hello Chris need to make a correction for your here. Donald Trump’s old nag didn’t clear the fence…have you seen the numbers? The old nag staggered over and broke it. Hillary won the popular vote and he won the electoral college by no more than just over 100,000 votes. That isn’t flying over it…it’s in fact very dangerous since he wrecked it. This means he governs my a hair and there is no more fence to keep people like him in. It means that the American electoral vote system is broke and we need to fix it, since he doesn’t represent the majority of people in this country (remember one person one vote is the standard for democracy). Oh and because of this wretched anachronistic system of voting we have here in a supposedly forward looking country, it means that you may begin to see a lot of States adopt what Scotland has done hunker down, break away and surround themselves with people who have the same values as they do. When we do have less of a United States — which will never be able to work for local issues anyway because it’s too big as you so rightly pointed out, these rural outliers will see with very clear eyes who and what their taxes and their local politicians really deliver to them.