Why White Women and Jesus Christ Are To Blame For The Deep Divide
Ezinne Ukoha

I am always amazed at the religious portrayal of Jesus. Historically he was dark skinned, dark haired and probably had brown eyes since he was ethnically a Jew. Secondly the historical Jesus was a Zealot and a gnostic. This means he worked actively in the political arena to get the Romans out of his country. Gnoticism is an esoteric Jewish tradition that has very little to do with the Christianity that Paul and Constantine subsequently invented and people follow now. If he existed he was a mystic as well as a revolutionary who was able to influence what I call unexplained phenomena and heal people. The evangelicals are following Paul and Constantine — not Jesus, they have no idea what the historical Jesus is or was and no interest in that. I do like religious communities and think of them primarily as social institutions that encourages communities to take care of their neighbors, but for the serious scholar of esoteric and religious history and tradition, evangicals need to understand and recognize who they’re following, and the politics that surrounded the genesis of their beliefs. Once they do then the world will be a better, kinder and humbler place!