What Comes After Democracy?
Dan Stern

I really like this article. I also enjoy reading Harari and find him one of the most innovative thinkers of our time. I’m a science fiction writer that considers carefully all the issues you’re writing about here. My quintet stretches from the present, near future and not to distant future — several hundred years.

I believe that few of us will survive the effects of climate change, the sixth great extinction event, and that those who do, will have the opportunity to create a new kind of civilization based on a true reveal of our past, and an advanced understanding of mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.

My books concern themselves with the science and technology I believe we’ll need to survive as a species, and the kinds of moral and philosophical questions we’ll need to address as we do.

Survival I can assure you will not happen in democratic societies, however despite the necessity for removing freedoms in extreme times, homo sapiens and its evolutionary offshoots will always strive to express their creativity.

My first book The Burning Years -theburningyears.squarespace.com was published this year and the second book The Last Annunaki is in the process of being published, the fourth book Tesla’s Dream and the third which is nameless have been outlined, but are yet to be written. The fifth book is complete— My Quantum Life — and will be published last.