Is Trump a genius?

I think that your ascribing Trump as genius could only be framed within the context of American politics and society. Unfortunately Mr. Trump has to come up against China. Now China really is genius. While we bankrupt ourselves and build the wall and institute an anti-globalization, pro-American stance in our economic policy that will lower the GDP here, China will happily fill in as the leader of the free world for us. China is just waiting to cement trade agreements with all the countries we are tearing them up with. China will lead on the environment, China understands the use of soft power. China is smart it has secured it’s shipping lanes to bring food to its citizens. Food which it has previously secured around the world through the agricultural land it has already purchased. For all Tillerson’s gob-smacking rhetoric in which he says he will prevent the Chinese from using their islands to protect their food and supply lanes, I want to say to him “just you try.” China has nuclear weapons and allies that are ready to help them deliver a few right here in our back yard, and as Trump’s lunacy and lies increase I predict this list of China’s friends will expand hugely in the future. The Chinese don’t care a wit about Trump’s bully pulpit, nor have they been taken in like many Americans by his red hat and his dangerous promises. Let me propose this - China, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, SE Asia, Africa, Iran, South America, Mexico, Central America, Canada in a federation of countries that support clean energy, globalization, and free trade. Then we’ll have the heavily oil-based economies like Russia and US in Alliance. Look on the wall and our anti-immigration stance as a symbol of the US locking itself in. Now Mr. Lessig I ask you honestly is that genius, I rather think it’s been a long time a coming. Shall we say ISIS and the Palestinians really did get the last word here. There are more ways to bring down a country than I can name but a few of them are let a genius fan the flames of racism, sexism, bigotry, mysogyny and then let him burn it down. California we need you now more than ever.