the Lil post

So like waiting and cracking my head on what to start my journey here with am still with nothing. So what this 3 pound brains thought was to start of with * blank *
Its like you are an artist and sitting in a class of quantum physics. Apparently it seems its going to be ironic. Like the name says lil post but my thumbs ain’t wanna stop.
Well it was not before the last of the last day that I finnaly pressed that green install button and Boom! Welcome to Medium and like every beginnings. I was * blank * Like what the hell do we do here, what the ass ward shit is this !?

Of course that kinda stuff happen when you are to start something up but let’s hope it turns out well. ……..After all this is one place which will store what his me in my life. Though one day my bones may weak at least I’ll have something to read and not turn pages ( not that I don’t like it but am to lazy right ? We all are 😅) So yah you can this might be the autobiography of an UNKNOWN as you guys can call. So let’s just see how it turns out

! peace out out for now…..or else this Lil post ain’t Lil !