The Flintstone House off 280 Finally Sells For $2.8 Million

My favorite landmark on the way home from work has been on the market for over two years. I would often think to myself about how surprising it is some tech bro doesn’t just buy it for fun, but even with a-list publications covering it in the press twenty times over, the price dropped by $1.1 million over the past two years. (Not before being listed on airbnb, of course.)

If you think on the inside of the house is gray heating flooring, soft close appliances, and a nest thermostat, you’re dead wrong, because the inside is true to the cartoon as well. Designed by architect Eugene Tsui, it features a bedroom with a loft and a kitchen with a glass countertop supported by a diagonal metal spine.


To me, living in a giant cartoon would be a little much, and I think the interior of the house is the reason for the price cuts & the time it took to find a buyer.

Listing agent Judy Meuschke of Alain Pinel Realtors said that the buyer is from the Bay Area and intends to “preserve the home and enhance the landscaping.” Which is good considering how iconic it is, and how much I like to look at it on the way home from Palo Alto.

The moral of the tale is that if a house being covered by People Magazine needs two years and two price cuts to be sold, livability trumps novelty!