The price per sq ft. of this apartment is the price of a studio in San Francisco — $2,219

This 1,960-square-foot condo on the 31st floor of a luxury tower in Russian Hill sold last month for $4.35 million.

So. Brutal.

This apartment, which by the way, is under 2,000 square feet, sold for well over $4 million last month in San Francisco’s premier neighborhood, Russian Hill. This two-bedroom, two & a half bath unit covered in windows, mimics a mid-century Eicher home.

The Man Himself

Joseph Eichler is a world renowned designer and architect famous for his signature homes in East Bay, North Bay, and many of his signature homes are littered all over Silicon Valley.

It is not uncommon for people to buy his homes and remodel them spending millions of dollars.

In fact, the exterior of the building in which this apartment is in is modeled completely after his work. I guess the only thing is that the apartments don’t have his signature open air in the middle of them, but i guess you can’t complain. You are of course, a couple hundred feet in the air.

Still, it is still pretty shocking that a 1,916 sq ft apartment can sell for over $4 million. If you want to learn about more about killer properties in the area, visit