I do not get scared when watching horror movies. I sometimes laugh when watching adventures in space and other fantastical places on the screen. My friends who are not filmmakers get irritated with how quickly I roll my eyes at on-screen magic that fascinates them. They never understand why I spot random things that they do not or launch into an extended analysis of Tyler Perry movies, they declare Oscar-worthy.

That is because film school, ruined watching films forever for me. I can rarely switch off and just absorb the recreated reality because I remain more interested in the craft…

Image by Sushil Nash

I have attended the Cannes film festival annually since 2010 and given the pandemic, I assumed, 2020 would be the year I broke the tradition. But alas, the Marche Du Film was held online, so it was business as usual minus the trek to the airport.

Like the shade from a tree whose value was unknown until the tree was cut down, I realised that everything I normally dislike about Cannes, was what I was missing about Cannes. Aimless strolling on the Croisette, pointless queues, dailies picked up with much gusto but destined to be binned at the hotel, over-enthusiastic…

I have always been that person with a Netflix subscription, who was simply too lazy to cancel. Let’s face it, the cancel option on tech products is always the hardest to find. I never really watched films on the platform but I took out a free trial and never cancelled.

Some five years later, I am still paying but now I am playing catch up and bingeing on Netflix content. The pandemic and more time at home obviously having something to do with that. …

I have never been a fan of the cancel culture popularised by social media. Don’t get me wrong, collective lobbying has always and will always be a force for good. I am under no illusions that without the cancel culture, that Times Up, Me Too, Oscars So White will exist. Or that their existence has not in a lot of ways influenced change, even if only for the optics at the micro level.

But what has irked me about the cancel culture is that alongside the TimesUp’s, there will always be that person who becomes tried by media unfairly. And…

I set up my medium account six years ago. Looks like i posted actively for about a few weeks, then stopped. I rediscovered it today, whilst cleaning up my inbox to make some space.

I chuckled as I read some of my old stories. I wonder if some of my social commentary, back then, could get me cancelled by Twitter today. So, I deleted them. Then immediately regretted it. And that’s how I discovered there is no trash can on Medium. My beautifully crafted words, are all gone.

But I am going to resurrect this blog and be more deliberate about writing.

That’s it. That’s the post.

Social Networking With Algorithms.

I love playing with algorithms. And by that I do not mean that I am a wiz at creating them. I find it very pleasurable telling Facebook that I was born in Tonga, educated at St Trinians and live in Beijing. Cue, adverts offering me English lessons in China and when I did not buy and probably because the algorithm spotted that most of my friends were in the UK, Summer schools in London for English lessons.

It also paid attention as I swapped my relationship status from married to ‘its Complicated’ then married again and promptly offered me a…

When Life takes over……

Dear Start Up Founder, It is not always about you.

My name is Victoria, and I take things personal. I cannot help it. I am a creative. I work in the business of create based on instinct and hope for the best. And if the audience or the film festival programmer dislikes my film, I take it personal. It means I may not get another chance to prove that I can. And if that happens, my gamble on a creative career is one big loss. …

Victoria Thomas

Filmmaker @ Republic Of Story + Course Director Masters (MA) in International Film Business @ London Film School. Instagram.com/thesheeo Twitter.com/thesheeo

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