Meet ShipMonk!

2015 was a tremendous year for BedaBox Fulfillment and 2016 will be even better for ShipMonk.

We’re proud to announce that 2016 not only marks the unveiling of a new brand and location, but the release of our own order fulfillment and inventory management software. We’ve had a few limitations with the previous software, so we decided to take it upon ourselves and build a superior platform that will provide more benefits and enhance the experience for all of our customers.

Originally focused on order fulfillment and distribution services, we have formed ShipMonk into a one-stop shop inventory management solution for small and medium-sized companies thanks to the feedback and suggestions we’ve received throughout the year. By offering the most responsive fulfillment and inventory management technology, we’re enabling companies to focus on building their brand and achieve next-level growth.

Although our name has changed in conjunction with the launch of our new platform, at our core, we’re still down-to-earth people delivering reliable fulfillment and distribution services to customers around the world. We believe the name ShipMonk perfectly reflects the way our business and platform has evolved over the past year. ShipMonk is transforming 3rd party order fulfillment and distribution from a service into a standard. A best practice. We’re delivering a lot more than packages. We’re unboxing stress free logistics for business owners everywhere.

As we continue to shape our software to be the perfect solution for your fulfillment needs, we’ll be releasing many new features throughout the year. We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter (we’ll only email you occasionally) and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on new product features, tips on building your brand and many more best practices to help grow your business.


The ShipMonk Team

Stress Less, Grow More.

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