Five things I give a shit about.

A listicle for people who care!

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  1. Subpar medical care in privately-operated prisons that prioritize cost-cutting above all less — which has led to dozens of sick men dying.

2. Unfair voting maps that are designed to purposefully disenfranchise particular racial groups, or political parties — like those that were drawn in North Carolina.

3. The fact that poor, non-white communities are most likely to be located near toxic waste sites, often because they don’t hold enough political clout (or have enough money) to advocate for themselves.

4. A food stamp policy that cuts off aid to our country’s neediest recipients — people with an average annual income of $2,000 — unless they’re able to find work in three months or less.

5. Companies that sell you products and services to make filing taxes easier — and then actively lobby Congress to make sure filing policy stays as complicated as possible. Because business.

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