Shovler: The App that Removes Snow! (Media Kit)

Announcing major updates of the Shovler App for the ‘17–’18 Winter season!

What is Shovler?

Shovler is a platform that connects people in need of snow removal with nearby neighbors that are willing to shovel snow to earn extra money. Users can order snow shovelers for their homes, businesses, or even cars parked on a city street.

Originally launched in November 2016, Shovler has thousands of registered snow shovelers and has completed jobs throughout North America.

We built Shovler when we realized major inefficiencies in the current snow removal industry. Many people prefer not to signup for snow removal contracts, but desperately try to find snow shovelers after a snow storm. On the other side of the market, there are lots of would-be snow shovelers but they don’t want to actively look for jobs.

Using the Shovler App, users can hire a snow shoveler on-demand, and interested snow shovelers can easily find nearby jobs.

We believe that a dynamic marketplace of neighborhood snow shovelers not only increases neighborly interactions, but is also a better alternative for snow removal than season contracted plow services. Snow shovelers are quicker to arrive to properties than plows, minimizes the risk of damage to property, and can also remove snow from sidewalks and cars.

We are proud to announce the latest release of the Shovler App!

What is the process of ordering a shoveler?

  1. Start by entering the address of the property:

2. Then select the scope of work, including if you want salt added or any other special instructions:

After filling out your scope of work, the price is calculated based on an algorithm which includes your location, property size, and snow depth.

3. After you enter your credit card details, the job is posted to the available jobs board and map, and nearby shovelers are notified of the job. No authorization is placed on your credit card until a shoveler accepts your job.

4. You will be notified once your job is accepted by a shoveler and the job status board will show the job as Active. Once a shoveler accepts the job, you can no longer cancel the job and an authorization is placed on your credit card.

5. When you click on the Active job, you can track the location of your shoveler, see their estimated time of arrival, and contact the shoveler.

6. Once the shoveler completes the job, you will receive a notification and pictures of the completed job. You can then rate the job and pay the shoveler a tip. Your credit card is charged after you rate the job or 24 hours, whichever is sooner.

How does one become a snow shoveler?

Snow shovelers can easily sign up through the app, and the full registration process, including signing up for Stripe, takes less than 10 minutes.

Snow shovelers can adjust their settings to view available jobs up to a 15-mile radius. By going on duty, snow shovelers can also get notified when new jobs are added to their area. Please see this blog post for detailed instructions for signing up as a shoveler.

How do shovelers get paid?

Shovelers are paid directly from the user’s credit card to the shoveler’s Stripe account. The fee paid to Shovler is then deducted from the shoveler’s payment.

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