The Singing Chef in Brazil

Hi everyone. Thank you for viewing my page. This is my first blog and I have a lot of ideas for it, just takes time. I am from San Francisco Ca. and living here in Rio de Janeiro. I cook. I love to cook and especially baking bread. Its an art and who doesnt love the smell of fresh baked bread filling the house? Cooking American style food is quite a challenge here as many ingredients and things we take for granted, just dont exist here, are very hard to find, or have to be created. Well, thats me. I have numerous tips and tricks that I use, very successfully and am able to create some great stuff. One of my pet projects is making sourdough french bread. Really, Im from San Francisco, you know, Boudins? So, real SF sourdough starter isnt available here and I learned how to create my own fermenta to make starter right here. Ive made some delicious sourdough bread, (no knead) with this starter and Im going to market it here. Its crispy outside and light as air inside. I am going to be working as a private chef for some folks coming here for the Olympics, so, I have a lot to do. I am also going to do a series of free cooking classes here locally, to teach some Brasilian friends how to create some of my favorite recipes. Food here is very simple and unsophisticated. I want to offer something interesting to them. Who knows? So, stay tuned and lets see where this goes. I am looking forward to sharing many things with you and perhaps, Ill sing a song for you. I do this for my DINNEER project. Folks can select a dinner that want and are invited to my place to enjoy it. Its a nifty idea that is slowly catching on and I can work right here at home. Maybe we will see you there. Cheers!

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