has zero experience in governance

speaks incoherently on every topic relevant to the presidency

lies pathologically

lies vindictively

lies, verifiably

said he intends to commit war crimes

said he intends to make enemies of our allies

wants more nuclear weapons, not fewer

tells us he admires authoritarian dictators, and does so because of their authoritarianism

deceives the public about his ties to Russia

repeatedly undermines the integrity of the press

tells us he’ll use his power as president to change libel laws so he can more easily sue people who criticized him

incites his followers to violence

brags about committing sex crimes

wants to ban people from coming to America based on their religious beliefs

would have refused to concede the election, had he lost

has no self-control

has poor judgement

bullies and insults, and attacks people, yet

can’t handle criticism

is — by any objective standard, too unstable to have the nuclear codes

has a history of making money by screwing over the little guy

discriminates against minorities

refuses to pay small businesses for their work and then threatens to bury them in legal fees if they try to do anything about it

has a “charitable” foundation that’s actually a slush fund used to pay his lawyers and to buy paintings of himself

swindled hundreds and hundreds of people out of their hard-earned money by falsely advertising to them about Trump University

is currently the defendant in dozens of class action lawsuits for fraud that will proceed well into his presidency

has business interests worldwide that could influence foreign, diplomatic, and economic affairs

surrounds himself with known white supremacists

To be continued…

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