The Power of Receiving

By Topaz Adizes, The Skin Deep Founder + Creative Director.

It’s getting harder to hide.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. If so, what do I see when I look into your eyes? What soul resides deep within that onyx pupil?

Consider this for a moment: your soul is not ‘you.’ Rather, it’s the impact you’ve had on those around you. You are a reflection in the eyes of others, a feeling in the hearts of the people you share your time with. What if that is who you are?

None of us were designed to live alone, or in a vacuum. One of my mentors says that the difference between ‘illness’ and ‘wellness’ is only two letters. Being human is inextricably about being connected to others. It is when the “I” believes that it is separate from the “WE” that we become ill.

Now I am not saying that your being is defined by how others judge you. Instead, let me offer that at the heart of who you are is the connections you make with those around you. Of course, the catalyst of ‘you’ comes from within; your personal essence and native inclinations. But the measure of a human being is in the threads that bind us, good or bad, to those that surround us.

Today, we are witnessing the ascension of what I call “the consciousness of us.” With the advent of the internet and all forms of social media, there’s been an awakening to the connection between us. The truth is, it’s always been there, but now we can see it, hear it, feel it, and share it more than ever before. The echo chamber of your Facebook feed might make it seem like we all live in filter bubbles, but truthfully, never before in history has humanity been so integrated where we can instantaneously know and somehow experience what is happening ANYWHERE in the world.

An African-American gets killed by the police — it’s on Facebook Live now. A Syrian seeks refuge from bombs raining down on Aleppo, sharing his loss of hope in humanity — it’s transmitted instantaneously from the phone in his hand to mine.

Thus it’s getting harder to hide from one another.

You know the old philosophical trope — if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? We can apply the same question to our lives; do you know who you really are if no one is there to reflect it? How can you really exist if no one is around to confirm it.

We often forget our inherent connection, the impact we have on each other. We spend so much time struggling to survive and get ahead, we don’t take the small moments to listen to each other. To speak with one another. To receive from one another. Personally, that’s where I have the most trouble; I can give heartfelt appreciations and show gratitude to the people around me, but having to receive the same from them is painful for me. Why is that? I’d love to know.

The Window | Episode 1 |Keith — Living with Cancer

However, what I do know is this: The healing of ‘one’ is the healing of ‘us.’

None of us are trees standing alone in the stark landscape of the world. If we take the time to look up and out, we can realize that every one of us is a light amongst many in the forest of life. And that the greatest gift to humanity is this; the acceptance of one’s self as reflected in the eyes of those who love you.

And it is to this end that we at The Skin Deep created our new series, The Window, in which we place the viewer on the threads that bound people together. Through The Window, the subject experiences the reflection of their life burned in the hearts of those closest to them. And they can do nothing but receive. It’s a beautiful experience, and we are honored to share it with you.

Welcome to The Window.

Topaz Adizes, is the founder and creative director of The Skin Deep. The Window is their latest experience illuminating individual’s stories and how they’ve impacted those around them.