We are entering a new phase of consciousness on this planet: a new paradigm, a new purview by which everything is happening. If you are reading this post, then you feel it and know it and may be articulating it in different ways.

Here’s my articulation:

Don Beck and Ken Wilber call it 2nd tier consciousness. I view it as a shift from Masculine-energy oriented leadership to Feminine-energy Oriented leadership.

First, and very importantly, I am not saying Male or Female. This is not about gender, but about energy: I am not speaking of the inequalities and sexism that women have and are facing. I am simply speaking about an energetic orientation. Everyone has both energies and in different environments, you tap into one more than the other.

The orientation of masculine energy is purpose driven. Where are we going? What are we doing? It views power as a question of “What do I have?” It thrives in an environment of either/or, and distinguishing the difference between things. It is rooted in a world of scarcity and making the most with that limitation.

Feminine energy, on the other hand, is communally driven. It is conscious of the collective, of the group, of the connection and interdependency of one another. It doesn’t ask where are we going, but rather “How are we doing? Are we connected?How is the integration between the parts?

Because feminine energy views power as a question of access rather than ownership, it doesn’t view distinctions as the root of connection between things.

The way we see the world as a species is hinged on the communication methods we use. And if you look at our evolution in communication as human beings, we’ve had some fundamental shifts: We started with speaking. Then with the written word. Followed by the printing press. And now, the Internet. (Not to mention Blockchain but I’ll save that for another post).

Each of these methods shifted our understanding of how things are. They shifted our perception from reality to concept, before we found ways to share those concepts. For example, before words, there simply was the experience. Then we learned to encapsulate an experience into a word. When I say the word tree, we all know the concept of “tree,” but every tree is entirely different. It is it’s own unique experiential thing to be had. Yet the word creates a symbol for us to collectively relate.

Words enabled us to capture ideas and through stories to pass them down from one generation to the next. But then we learned to read and write those lessons, concepts, and stories, passing them down from generation to generation without the need for human interaction. As long as you could learn to read, you could comprehend an idea without having to hear it from someone. Then with the advent of the printing press, those ideas could be spread faster and wider, dissipating the monopolization of knowledge.

And now we have the Internet! This is where things have shifted into the feminine-energy orientation. Before, all the information was based on an either/or paradigm. Either you had the library book, or I did. But we couldn’t have both have it at the same time. Either you had the natural resource or I did. But we couldn’t share in it. Either you were there in the room to hear the speech, or participate in the class, or you weren’t. These were all communication methods rooted in a masculine orientation.

But now, the arrival of the Internet has led to a shift in social consciousness because it is a shift in communication. And accordingly it dictates a new shift in orientation.

The question now isn’t “What do I have?” which is the masculine oriented perception. The question today has become “What do I have access to?” and THAT is the feminine energy orientation.

Examples to clarify.

Airbnb, the largest hotel company, doesn’t own one hotel property. Uber, the biggest taxi company in the world, doesn’t own one vehicle. The most companies successfully disrupting existing industries are not focused on creating something only YOU can have, but rather creating more accessibility to things that were previously more challenging to get.

They aren’t creating something new, but rather creating greater access to what already is.

Let’s also look at what has been happening in the news and in our popular culture, not only in the U.S., but in Europe too: the hyper-masculine energy is rightfully being destroyed. That kind of behavior is no longer acceptable. Whereas as little over a year ago, it could still get you elected as president, today you are immediately fired.

If we see the mainstream content that is coming out, the blockbuster movie of the year is Wonder Woman. The winner of 8 Emmy’s including Most Outstanding Series, is A Handmaid’s Tale. And what was the biggest social movement of the year? The Women’s March. These are all clear indicators of this shift that is happening. We all know it and feel it.

And what we are seeing in Trump, in Brexit, in Putin, in the rise of the nationalistic right in Europe, is the masculine energy sensing its own demise. And when an animal can feel its death coming on, it bares its teeth and is the most dangerous. But this shift is inevitable. The technology that is arising, that is creating new communication tools and methods, is cultivating and supporting a feminine leadership orientation.

The only question is how much pain do we need to endure to create the leverage for this shift in consciousness.

I’m praying it isn’t a nuclear bomb.

I believe the reason we are all waking up is because the pain isn’t allowing us to sleep anymore. And that is healthy. What concerns me, and I believe many of us consciously or subconsciously, is the response of this dying, hyper-masculine energy. When I ask myself, what is the full expression of masculine energy on the planet, I think of it’s desire to break through tension into freedom, and the rawest form of that is an ejaculation. How would that translate on a global scale?

“Blow something up,” people would say. I’ve been saying this for over a year now, and back then my friends and family were saying that I was exaggerating, but every day now, the threat of war and use of a nuclear warhead looms closer.

What we are seeing now is that the feminine energy in all of us knows what is at stake and is waking up. The feminine energy is speaking out, requiring to be seen, cultivated, supported and heard. Because we know if we don’t, there will be a pain that none of us want, that we can barely imagine. And yet a pain we humans have already visited upon. Just look at history. So we know as a species, we are capable of doing it again.

So for me the next question is: What does Feminine leadership orientation look like and how do we inject that into the mainstream? That is for another post but I believe key indicators exists in our indigenous cultures. And I am starting with Maori culture. More on that in the near future. :)

Topaz Adizes is the founder and Creative Director of The Skin Deep.