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Imagine an international catalog of relationships spanning the globe:

How is love expressed differently in Japan, Brazil, and Greece? Does jealousy manifest itself differently in Malaysia than it does in South Africa or Italy?


So… what’s {THE AND}?

{THE AND} is an Emmy award-winning interactive documentary by The Skin Deep that explores the dynamics of modern relationships in the 21st Century. We host couples of all types (friends, lovers, strangers, siblings, parents) in an intimate setting and provide them with sets of questions intended to facilitate discussion, stimulation, and exploration of their relationship. In creating these open and vulnerable spaces, we look to immerse our viewers in the intimate space that connects two individuals. {THE AND} is more than a tool for exploring connection; it’s a medium for sharing valuable insights and perspective about the human condition.

To date we’ve filmed over 150 real-life relationships, all telling a unique and different story: from couples in transition, to a marriage proposal, to interracial families struggling to find closure. We’ve learned that every relationship has a profound story worthy to share; we just have to ask the right questions. Thanks to our participants and fans, {THE AND} has been a huge success, going viral four separate times, garnering over 35 million views in over 144 countries. But now we need YOUR help to take it even further.

The idea of {THE AND} is to place the viewer in the intimate space of other relationships to deepen and explore the relationships in their own life; to that end, we have created multiple ways to execute that experience. In addition to weekly video releases on Youtube, we’ve created a live theatrical experience of {THE AND} that has featured in festivals and venues like BAM, Tribeca Interactive, FilmGate Interactive, and more. And don’t forget about the card game and app, as well!

Wait but, why are we on Kickstarter?

For a project that explores human connection, we’ve been limited mostly to New York and the United States. That’s why we need your help to take {THE AND} international! Imagine an online database of human relationships and stories that anyone can access to help them through an important transition in their life, even to pose the most intimate questions about sexuality and connection.

The end goal is to create a platform by which a user will type in a concern or situation they have and get a customized playlist of conversations from around the world of others who have experienced similar issues. This way we can utilize our life stories, and the relationships in our lives, to support one another.


Welcome to {THE AND} Global Relationship Project!

We want to be able to tell the stories of real people from across the cultural and geographic spectrum to see what makes us who we are and how better to understand the world we live in. And the NEXT step in getting there is expanding our catalog of human relationships.

How is love communicated differently in Chile, Hong Kong, or Italy? Is jealousy the same in South Africa as it is in Greece or Malaysia? How do members of the LGBTQ community ‘come out’ in Singapore, versus Ireland?

Nothing quite like this has ever been attempted before, but outreach from fans from all over the world have convinced us how vital and necessary these videos really are. {THE AND} stands at a pivotal crossroads, and we need all the support we can get to keep making amazing content at home, and abroad!

How this is going to work.

Our goals for {THE AND} Global Relationship Project are huge! We want to expand the project’s reach to feature content highlighting cultures from around the world, and our first step in this process is launching our first ever {THE AND} Residency program. 10 Selected residents from places as wide ranging as South Africa, Chile, Greece and Hong Kong will travel to New York to be trained by us, so that they can bring {THE AND} back to their native countries. Our Kickstarter campaign will help fund the residency and cover the expenses of post-production.

The end result will be an expansion of over 150 different relationships and stories, doubling our current catalog.

With enough support, we could grow even bigger, reaching many more countries with residency programs featuring ambitious culture ambassadors! You could be one!

How you can help.

Every contribution counts and will help us reach our goal. Soon, you’ll have supported the creation of a digital library of human relationships in the 21st century that will remain a guide for future generations to reflect on.

Where your money is going.

Your contributions will go towards the expenses of training our {THE AND} Residents and editing the videos they film, so that in 9 months time we can begin posting and sharing content created in a variety of languages and featuring participants from all walks of life. To put in perspective, that could be up to two years worth of weekly releases, featuring stories with a global viewpoint.

Our costs include:

{THE AND} Residency Program:

  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Venue + Equipment Rentals
  • Training
  • Producer


  • Shoot stipend in locale
  • Studio
  • Equipment
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Translation Services
  • Subtitling
  • Posting

Milestones and Stretch Goals.

If we meet our fundraising goals for this project, we will be able to continue bringing you quality, heartfelt content in {THE AND], both from home and overseas. If we go beyond our goals…well, we’ve planned for that too:

If we can hit $230,000, we can finally bring the {THE AND} app to the Android platform.

With $350,000, we will be able to fully fund and organize two larger, more expansive residency programs to seed {THE AND} all over the world, hitting another 20 countries and communities.

And with $475,000, that money will go to the design and implementation of the interactive online platform that will serve as the architecture of our videos, achieving the full vision of {THE AND} Global Relationship Project.

Sound good? Let’s make it happen.

Where are we going: the BIG picture.

The Skin Deep has created a brave new world of innovative content that pushes the envelope of what it means to be human and connect against the backdrop of mass society. {THE AND} is an integral part of that narrative in all its components: the weekly videos, the live experience, card game, and mobile app are just some of the ways we are building this creative family. With your help, we can expand that family and take {THE AND} all over the map.

The potential for {THE AND} Global Relationship Project goes way beyond our initial hopes. It can one day can serve as a guidebook for future generations to reflect on the human experience during the turn of the 21st century, when the tech revolution coincided with a new progressive era of love and relationships. It starts with us; it starts here.

Thank you!

Who we are.

The Skin Deep is an Emmy award-winning, Brooklyn based creative studio focusing on human connection in the digital age. Our first project, {THE AND}, won both the Emmy and the World Press Photo award in 2015, has thus far reached over 35 million viewers throughout 144 countries and still continues to grow. Our upcoming experiences include projects like The Window, The Dig, #7Billionsuns, Honest X, and more.

We create experiences that make you rethink how you connect. And we love it. :)

Music by La venganza de Cheetara & Patrick Krou

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