Let’s dance in a trance

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| 16 November 2011

For some reason, I am updating this blog regularly. While I feel, “ah yes, these random thought processes are somewhat weaving a pattern that need to be captured on this page”, I cannot help but feel that it is more to do with neglecting my 10,000 words that are due next week. Yes, you got that right. 10K words due next week and I am reading. Last week I read the unputdownable CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. This week, I am finishing up Graham Greene’s End of the Affair. Now I do have the 10,000 words. Actually I think I have more than 15,000words. The problem is cutting it down, and editing. It will get done. It has to.

I digress. This is meant to be more about tranceation. You know, think Massive Attack’s Mezzanine (link below), or anything by Zero 7, especially Ghost Symbol. Okay, no more trances. Although dancing to this music is very rejuvenating. I digress yet again!!!

Okay now. Back to dancing. Well, the first question is Who am I? What do I exist in, or exist as? How do I form my thoughts? How do I accept these thoughts, and think about how these thoughts that inevitably always guides my actions? Who we are, is the inner being, the compass that directs and guides the physical. It is very powerful, and very true.

I have just returned from a Leadership seminar where Mike George spoke about Spiritual Intelligence, which is the ability to be detached from emotions. I really liked his presentation, not least because it was nice to hear what I believe and to understand that it is desirable to reach that ‘higher state of being’ of detachment. Not because one is emotion-less or emotionally crippled; but because one has learnt to view happenings in life as events, instances, that arise in the journey of life. To that extent, it is all fluid. Everything is fluid. Things come and things go. People come and people go. Time changes. Happy times and sad.

What then does this mean? It does not mean that one goes about cocooned in some sort of robotic armour that shields emotions away, but more about understanding what brings those emotions, why they come about, and choosing to react to them rationally. Emotions are hardly ever rational. They just happen.

Now, what does this have to do with being in a trance. Well, being at peace with oneself, and being one with one’s self (true self) has to be from within. Inner. That inner consciousness that transcends all. Looking within takes more time and effort than looking after the physical, although this is more to do with the fact that we are brought up to spend a huge amount of time on our physical — fashion, appearance, exercise, etc. The inner self needs the same attention. And it is that ability to reflect — that helps to put things in context, and that helps to be detached. And that helps to see from a better perspective. A higher plane of consciousness that brings peace.


Author: Adun Okupe

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