We live only to die

Poetry, Life, Death

| 4 October 2012

Sometimes you know your best can never be enough

You know that even with good intentions, hard-work and positive thoughts,

It will never be enough.

It can never be enough.

The whole world is grey, and greying.

Everywhere, there is a tale of disappointment, hurt, chaos and unhappiness.

Everywhere, the humans choose not to reinvent the wheel

The wheel that brought us so much at the cost of so much.

Instead, we repeat past events, past mistakes

We remember past sorrows and re-invite them into our lives everyday.

Headstrong, we choose not to learn from history

Everyday. Everywhere. Everyone.

The world and all within it seem bent on coming to a cataclysmic end

So what is our role in this?

What is one’s role in life?

Is it to keep on trying?

What is the point of trying, of living…since we only live to die?

Author: Adun Okupe