Bored with Success? Lead With Values To Create Your Own ‘Silver Platter’

For many years, I was a top performer in a consulting company. After a while, success got boring and my performance petered down over time. I got revived with a key discovery. So, when the excitement wears off and success becomes a norm, how do we make that success even more deeply fulfilling and meaningful? The answer: Lead with Values.

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Have your top goals delivered on your own Silver Platter of Automaticity

Make goal achievement automatic. . .faster, too. Create your unique version of automaticity and stop fighting so hard to make the next thing happen. You’re smart, have all the right things and people in place, goals and plans clearly written. . .and it’s still not happening easily for you? The SmarterVision declares: Start with values and your goals will be on track for express delivery — and riding high — on the Silver Platter of Automaticity — struggle-free, resistance-free, glitch-free. . .success.

Steven Covey, in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, an awesome contribution to my personal life, teaches two relevant fundamentals: 
•Put First Things First, and
•Start With the End in Mind.

I know you get this, but he is not really talking about goal-setting strategies and building success structures just to reach your goal(s). I finally discovered he’s going a lot deeper; it’s really about values-based purposes for your life. That’s when I — and all my students and mentees — hit pay dirt and transform our struggles in to successes — almost without effort. That’s also why I’ve included a whole section to explore core values deeply — and explicitly — in my SmarterVision Coursework.

But, (a) what is automaticity and, (b) why the silver platter?

(a) Wikipedia defines automaticity as, “the ability to do things without occupying the mind with the low-level details required. . .”. In other words, dissolve:
•the disorganized mental clutter,
•the fears,
•lack of ease and coordination, etc.

and replace these counterproductive, goal-busting behaviors and challenges with:
•a penetrating laser-like focus on just what’s important to your vision
•a high-seas mindset of fearless freedom to uncharted accomplishments
•a clear path to daily incremental, automatic, resistance-free progress

(b) Why the silver platter? In 400 BC, Hippocrates reported the use of silver to fight infection. Recent research by James Collins — biomedical engineer — confirms that silver increases the efficacy of antibiotics by up to 1000 times.

That’s exactly what the smart use of values does for your goals. It works like silver to fight resistance to your goals, by:
punching holes in the distractions that impede your focus
messing up the normalcy of fear, procrastination and indecision and
•significantly increasing productivity by the day — even by the hour.

Connect your values to every goal and activity in your life and you’ll see how automaticity is just the silver platter your goals have been looking for. After all, values are the ‘why’ we choose to go with our passion…right?

For example, I am writing this blog post for you — my beloved audience -
 because my values tell me I want to be:
helpful to others — in leveraging and optimizing their use of time and;
informative — by sharing proven stress-free ways to significantly impact productivity

These are just two of my many defined values — things important to me. Why do I call them values and not goals? Because I literally do want people to say things like these at my funeral. I would be personally devastated otherwise. By becoming what I deem important to be -helpful and informative (my whys) — I research, test, reformulate, develop examples and brainstorm higher-level connections and make it easy for my friends and followers to find success. No you can forget the struggle and just make it happen. Silver platter, here we come.

So, clearly decide on your values — what you want people to say at your funeral about you — and connect all those values to your goals. That creates your own Silver Platter of Automaticity — try it, you’ll see.

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