UBI is welfare by any other name. Wall-E here we come.
Jonny M.

Well 30% of jobs currently heavily involve driving (busses, trains, trucks, taxi’s, uber, food delivery, etc) and self driving cars are just around the corner. Soon there will be no new delivery jobs as companies slowly replace their workforce with self driving cars. They might even redesign their pickup and dropoff points with standardized cargo sizes so that the self driving truck can be automatically loaded by a machine, eliminating the need for staff at those locations as well.

If you can think of an opportunity that is on the horizon, in which 30% of the population can be quickly trained to do, that will provide employment for 10+ years them I’m all ears, but relying on some abstract notion of technology providing more, better jobs and that the current system is setup to weather the storm is very wishful thinking.

People should choose to work to improve their standard of living but they shouldn’t need to work just to stay alive.

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